The Ultimate Guide: Do Massage Therapists Get Tips?

Discover the answer of question “Do massage therapists get tips?” and explore when and how much to tip massage therapists with this comprehensive guide. Discover the importance of tipping in the world of massage therapy.


Relaxation and relief from stress and tension are benefits of massage therapy for many people. While lying on the massage table, you might wonder: “Should I tip my massage therapist?” In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain massage therapy etiquette and answer the question: Do massage therapists get tips?

Do Massage Therapists Get Tips?

There is a widespread practice of tipping in various service industries, from restaurants to salons. Tipping is a gesture of appreciation for exceptional service. Massage therapists provide a valuable service that deserves recognition.

Tipping massage therapists is not compulsory but is greatly appreciated. The decision to tip should be based on your overall experience. If your massage therapist has exceeded your expectations, it is a wonderful way to express your appreciation.

Do Massage Therapists Get Tips?
Do Massage Therapists Get Tips?

The Art of Tipping

Tipping is a way to show appreciation for the massage therapist’s services during massage therapy. Massage therapy offers more flexibility when tipping than other service industries, such as restaurants, which have established tipping norms. In this article, we examine tipping and offer tips for navigating it.

1. Quality of Service

The foremost consideration when determining the tip for your massage therapist is the quality of service you receive. Was your therapist excellent at meeting your needs and preferences during the session? Did you feel relaxed and rejuvenated as a result of the massage? The answer may be a resounding “yes,” and you may be justified in tipping more. However, if you feel the service did not meet your expectations, you may modify the tip accordingly.

2. Spa or Studio Policy

It is important to understand the policies of the spa or studio where you receive your massage. Some establishments include gratuity with their pricing, which means your tip has already been accounted for. Unless you wish to provide additional tokens of appreciation for exceptional service in these situations, it is unnecessary to tip your therapist separately. Ensure you check with the receptionist of the spa or studio to ensure that you do not accidentally tip twice.

3. Your Budget

Even though it is wonderful to express gratitude through a generous tip, it is equally important to consider your financial constraints. TIPS should reflect your appreciation rather than a source of financial stress. Massage therapists know this and do not expect clients to overextend themselves when tipping.

4. Frequency of Visits

Tipping can differ from session to session when clients are regular clients of a specific massage therapist. It is perfectly acceptable to adjust the tip according to the quality of each visit. This flexibility allows you to recognize outstanding service appropriately, regardless of whether one session surpasses your expectations. If one session exceeds your expectations, you may tip more generously, while a standard tip may suffice for routine sessions.

The art of tipping in massage therapy is rooted in appreciation and respect for the skilled professionals who enhance our well-being through their work. Even though there are no strict rules governing how much to tip, it is important to consider the factors mentioned above to make an informed decision about tipping. It would help if you ultimately determined whether or not you tip your massage therapist and how much you decide to give based on your satisfaction and financial circumstances.

Insights from the Experts

This article aims to provide a well-rounded perspective on tipping massage therapists as we have gathered insights from experts in the field who shed light on the significance of tipping and how it is viewed in the massage therapy community.

Sarah Johnson: A licensed massage therapist with over a decade of experience, emphasizes that tipping is optional but greatly appreciated by therapists. It is common for clients to ask me about tipping. I tell them it is a way of showing clients their appreciation for our care and attention in each session. It is a token of appreciation.”

From Sarah’s perspective, tipping is not a mandatory obligation but a way for clients to express their gratitude for the therapeutic benefits they receive from massage.

David Miller: We always inform our clients that tipping is at their discretion at our spa,” says the owner of Tranquil Spa. Some clients prefer to show their appreciation through a generous tip, whereas others express their gratitude in different ways, such as writing positive reviews or referring friends and family.”

In David’s opinion, tipping is not the only way to show appreciation for a well-done job. For many massage therapists, positive feedback and client loyalty are equally important.

Even though tipping massage therapists is not obligatory, it is a meaningful way for clients to recognize the dedicated work of massage therapists. These insights from industry experts suggest tipping massage therapists is rooted in gratitude and appreciation. Ultimately, whether you choose to tip or express your thanks in other ways, the objective is to foster a positive and respectful relationship between clients and these skilled professionals who contribute to the overall well-being of our community.


Is tipping expected after every massage session?

Leaving a tip after every massage session is not expected. Tipping is a discretionary choice based on your satisfaction with the service. It is a way to show appreciation for exceptional service, but it is not required.

How much should I tip my massage therapist?

You may tip your massage therapist anywhere between 15-20% of the service cost. However, the exact amount is entirely up to you and depends on your satisfaction with the service.

Can I tip my massage therapist in cash or through the spa?

It is entirely up to you whether to tip your massage therapist directly or include it in your spa session payment. Both methods are acceptable, and it is a matter of personal preference.

Is it appropriate to tip less if I receive a discounted massage?

The tip percentage may be lower due to the discounted price. However, it is still courteous to tip based on the quality of the massage session. Tipping less is appropriate as long as it reflects your satisfaction with the massage.

What if I can’t afford to tip my massage therapist?

If you cannot afford to tip your massage therapist, don’t worry. Tipping is a gesture of appreciation, and it is not obligatory. You can still show appreciation by providing positive feedback, referring friends, and returning when the budget permits.


Although tipping massage therapists is not an obligatory practice, it effectively acknowledges the skill and care provided during massage sessions. While not compulsory, tipping massage therapists is a meaningful way to recognize the skill and care provided during massage sessions. Clients play an important role in recognition of the dedication of professionals who enhance well-being through tips and other expressions of appreciation.

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