Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Keep Tips?: Unveiling the Truth

Discover what happens to your hard-earned tips once your pizza delivery driver leaves the house know do pizza delivery drivers keep tips. Gain insights into the industry practices and gain a clear understanding of what happens to your tips once they leave your home.


When cooking feels like a monumental task on those lazy evenings, pizza delivery has become a vital part of our lives. However, the question that often lingers in our minds is, “Do pizza delivery drivers keep tips?” In this comprehensive article, we will dive into the world of pizza delivery, shedding light on the practices, etiquette, and everything you need to know about tipping pizza delivery drivers.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Keep Tips?
Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Keep Tips?

The Pizza Delivery Driver’s Journey

The First Encounter

You’re hungry, so you’ve placed an order. Your friendly pizza delivery driver knocks on your door. This is the first encounter where tips come into play. Many customers appreciate the service and convenience and tip their drivers generously. The practice is common, and it helps many drivers supplement their income.

Behind the Wheel

To understand if pizza delivery drivers keep tips, we must delve into their daily routines. These dedicated individuals spend hours on the road, battling traffic and weather conditions to make sure your pizza arrives hot and fresh. Keeping customers satisfied means investing in their vehicles, covering fuel costs, and even maintaining their cars’ appearance.

The Delivery Process

When your order is in the hands of the driver, they carefully navigate the streets in order to reach your location, check the order and handle payments, and rely primarily on tips to make their efforts worthwhile.

The Reward

Your tip is not just an appreciation of the driver’s punctuality and friendly service; it is a way to support their livelihood. In fact, these tips constitute a significant portion of their income.

The Pizza Delivery TIpping Culture

The Etiquette of Tipping Pizza Delivery Drivers

It is not only a kind gesture to tip pizza delivery drivers; it is also a significant part of their income. Here are a few tips for making sure you practice good tipping etiquette:

  • Standard Tip Percentage: The standard tip for pizza delivery ranges from 15% to 20% of the total bill. A tip should be adjusted based on factors such as distance, weather conditions, and quality of service.
  • Cash Tips: Even though paying by credit or debit card is convenient, consider tipping in cash to ensure that the driver receives their tip immediately rather than having to wait for it to be processed.
  • Be Generous: Pizza delivery drivers work hard to bring you your favorite food, especially during busy times, so don’t hesitate to tip generously if the service is exceptional.

Tips as a Significant Income Source

It is common for pizza delivery drivers to rely on tips to supplement their income. Their base pay is typically low, making tips a vital part of their earnings. So, yes, your tips matter, and they can make a substantial difference in a driver’s earnings.

What Happens to the Tips You Give?

When ordering pizza, you may notice the option to add a tip. This tip goes to the restaurant to cover the driver’s expenses, such as gas and maintenance. This tip does not go to the driver.

The Importance of Cash Tips

There is no doubt that pizza delivery drivers highly appreciate cash tips. They provide immediate financial relief and often serve as their primary source of income. These tips really do make a difference in their lives.

Do Pizza Delivery Drivers Keep Tips?

Generally, pizza delivery drivers do keep tips. When you give them cash or include them in your online payment, they receive that extra cash. In return for navigating traffic, enduring bad weather, and ensuring your pizza arrives hot and fresh, they receive this reward.

The Gray Area: Tip Pools and Tipping Policies

Tip Pools

Some pizza delivery establishments pool tips together and distribute them among the staff. Chain restaurants are more likely to practice this practice. Although it may appear unfair on the surface, this ensures that everyone involved in your order, from the kitchen staff to the driver, receives a portion of the tip.

Tipping Policies

A pizza place’s tipping policies can vary. Some may have a strict no-tip policy, while others may encourage it. Always check the restaurant’s website or ask the staff if you have questions.


Are tips the primary source of income for pizza delivery drivers?

There is no doubt that tips make up a significant part of a pizza delivery driver’s income. In addition to their base salary, tips can make a substantial difference in their earnings.

Do pizza delivery drivers share tips with their employers?

Most pizza delivery drivers keep their tips. However, some establishments may have specific policies regarding tip sharing or distribution. Check with each location to learn what their policy is.

Is it customary to tip pizza delivery drivers?

It is customary to tip pizza delivery drivers. Tipping shows appreciation for their service, punctuality, and the effort they put into ensuring that your food is delivered in good condition.

How much should I tip a pizza delivery driver?

You can adjust the amount based on factors such as distance, weather conditions, and the quality of the service provided by your pizza delivery driver. The recommended tip for pizza delivery drivers is typically 10-20% of the total order cost.

Do pizza delivery drivers prefer cash tips or tips added to the online order?

As a general rule, pizza delivery drivers appreciate cash tips since they receive them immediately. However, adding a tip to your online order is also convenient for both customers and drivers.

Are there any legal regulations regarding tipping for pizza delivery?

The practice of tipping for pizza delivery is generally voluntary. No regulations are dictating the amount or necessity of tips. It is more of an expression of appreciation than a legal requirement.


In the world of pizza delivery, tips are more than just an extra dollar or two. They are an integral part of a driver’s income, a token of appreciation, and a motivation to continue delivering pizzas with a smile. It is, therefore, important to remember the hardworking individuals behind the wheel when ordering a pizza and tip generously in appreciation.

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