How to Tip at a Salon: A Complete Guide for Proper Etiquette

Find out “How to Tip at a Salon” and follow proper etiquette by reading this comprehensive guide. It provides helpful tips, advice, and FAQs that will assist you in navigating the tipping process smoothly.


The talented professionals who give you a gorgeous haircut, a stunning manicure, or a rejuvenating spa treatment deserve your gratitude when you walk out of a salon. Tipping at a salon isn’t just a gesture of appreciation; it’s also a way to acknowledge the skills and effort you put forth to look and feel fabulous from how much to tip to when and who, this guide will cover everything you need to know about tipping at a salon. This article will examine the ins and outs of salon tipping etiquette.

How to Tip at a Salon: Getting it Right

You should not tip the same amount to everyone at a salon regarding tipping. The amount you tip and the individual you tip may differ based on factors such as the type of service, the quality of service, and local customs. This comprehensive breakdown will assist you in navigating this delicate process as smoothly as possible:

how to tip at a salon
how to tip at a salon

1. Research Local Customs

Before your salon visit, it’s a good idea to research the tipping norms in your area. Different regions and cultures have varying expectations when it comes to tipping. 

2. Consider the Service Provided

There are different tipping guidelines for different types of salon services. A haircut might warrant a different tip than a full spa day. 

3. Quality of Service Matters

Is the service exceptional, or did it fall short of your expectations? Take quality of service into account when deciding how much to tip. 

4. Factor in Time and Effort

If your stylist went above and beyond to achieve your desired look, a higher tip could be a great way to show appreciation for their time and efforts. 

5. Check for Built-in Gratuity

Occasionally, salons automatically include a gratuity in the bill, especially for large groups or spa packages. Be careful not to double-dip. 

6. Tipping the Right People

Your stylist is not the only person who plays a significant role in your salon experience. If applicable, it is essential to tip the shampoo assistants, nail technicians, and other support staff.

7. Cash is Preferred

Some salons allow you to add a tip to your credit card payment. However, the best method is to tip directly to the service providers. This ensures that your tip arrives directly to the service provider. 

8. Use the 20% Rule as a Guideline.

It is common practice to tip around 20% of the bill amount. You should adjust this percentage based on the factors mentioned earlier. 

9. Tip Even for Discounted Services

tipping on discounted salon services, regardless of whether you received a discount.

10. Express Your Gratitude

It is essential to accompany your tip with a sincere thank-you to make your appreciation even more heartfelt. 


Should I tip if I’m not satisfied with the service?

Tipping is generally a way to appreciate good service. Still, if you are unhappy, you may want to consider how to resolve the issue with open communication. A smaller tip may be appropriate if the service was genuinely unsatisfactory. However, it would help if you also conveyed your concerns.

Is it necessary to tip for a free consultation?

Even though a free consultation does not require a tip, a small gesture of appreciation would be appreciated if the stylist took the time to understand your needs.

How can I show my appreciation for excellent service beyond tipping?

Leaving a positive online review, recommending the salon to friends, and being a courteous and understanding client are all ways to express your appreciation beyond tipping.

Can I tip with a credit card if I don’t have cash?

Most salons accept credit cards for payment. However, having some cash on hand is advisable if you wish to add a tip.

Should I tip the owner of the salon?

As salon owners tend to be business owners who set their prices, tipping them typically isn’t expected. However, a tip may be appropriate if the owner performs the service.

How do I handle tipping for a group appointment?

A gratuity may be automatically added for larger groups. If not, it is a good idea to calculate the total tip based on the group’s total bill and divide it among the service providers.


In addition to expressing gratitude for the hard work and dedication salon professionals put into making you look and feel your best, tipping at a salon goes beyond a monetary exchange. The tips and guidelines outlined in this article will help you navigate the world of salon tipping confidently and elegantly. There is more to each service than just money. It is about acknowledging the skill, effort, and artistry that goes into it. So, the next time you walk out of a salon feeling fabulous, tip generously and express your gratitude.

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